CRAWLEY: Redland, one the UK’s leading solar-renewable roofing suppliers, has welcomed this week’s government announcement on Feed in Tariffs, which are designed to incentivise small scale, low carbon electricity generation.

The new Feed in Tariffs will provide “clean energy cashback” for householders, communities and businesses who invest in technology to generate electricity on their property.

Redland, which is launching its second generation of roof-integrated PV tiles this spring, believes this is just the kick-start needed to encourage both housing developers and consumers to invest in solar technology and directly tackle climate change.

Said Redland’s head of marketing, Richard Hartley: “Nearly every house in this country has a pitched roof which could be used to generate clean electricity. The new Feed in Tariffs recognise the importance of electricity-generating roof tiles to the climate change agenda, with both the highest tariff levels (up to 41.3p/kWh) and the longest tariff lifetime of 25 years. Tariff levels have been set to provide a rate of return of around 5-8%.”