LONDON: Credit reference agency Equifax is making a £2 statutory credit report accessible online.

Equifax, welcomed yesterday's announcement by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills of new voluntary measures to improve people's access to credit files.

"Since we launched our instant online consumer credit file services in 2004 we have been determined to give individuals as much insight as possible into their credit data", confirmed Neil Munroe, external affairs director

"Having easy access to your own credit information puts you in the strongest possible position to get the best financial deals for your circumstances as well as generally manage your finances.

"Adding the £2 Statutory Credit Report to our online services is essential to give consumers complete choice."

This service is now fully accessible from the Equifax home page,

Yesterday's BIS announcement also identified that the credit reference agencies are supporting initiatives to help those in severe financial distress and victims of identity fraud with free access to their credit information.