Covers Timber & Builders Merchants is supporting local builder John Hayes in creating a wooden crane.

Mr Hayes, 76, from Cosham, has always been fascinated by history and the methods used to move heavy objects – such as stoneware – without the use of modern mechanics. With this in mind, he began construction on a wooden crane, modelled on what he believes was used in the past.

Covers, which has supplied timber and building materials for more than 160 years, wanted to help Mr Hayes on his way and so supplied him with all of the materials required to create his vision.

The wooden-framed crane uses the weight of the object being lifted to its advantage by generating a swing, and its construction relies solely on the assemblage of the timber.

Mr Hayes said: “I have always been good with my hands and really wanted to create what I think is the only possible way to move large, heavy objects without the luxury of engine mechanics. I needed good-quality timber to construct my crane, and the support of Covers, being a well-known and local company, was exactly what I needed. They have supplied me with all of the quality timber I needed.”

Ben Gale from Covers added: “The wooden-framed crane is a beautiful piece of engineering and works really well. We were keen to support John and his project, as his interest in the historical concept of manoeuvring large objects was fascinating and also highly educational.”