Saving water is good for business

on 04 November, 2013

Water saving is often more in mind during summer months, but really it’s something we should always be concerned about, and something merchants can capitalise on as end users become increasingly aware of its importance.

In late 2011, the government issued a White Paper entitled ‘Water for Life’, which encouraged voluntary water efficiency labelling on related products. As a result of this challenge, retailers, builders’ merchants and the Bathroom Manufacturers Association – of which Roca is a member – established an industry working group, facilitated by WRAP, to consider what action could be taken to enable this.

WRAP was tasked by Defra to work with builders’ merchants and DIY retailers to increase customer take-up of water-efficient products and as part of this process a consumer survey was conducted, ascertaining attitudes to water saving. What is clear from this survey is that apart from being good for the environment, stocking and promoting water-saving products is also good for business, with the majority of recipients interested in conserving this valuable resource.

In addition to end user demand, the Code for Sustainable Homes advises housebuilders to choose energy- and water-saving bathroom solutions, so whether for newbuild or retrofit projects, your customers and their customers want to know about and purchase products with environmentally beneficial credentials.

Water-saving options

The variety of water-saving products has grown significantly in recent years, with a number of innovative ways to minimise waste and solutions for all types of bathrooms and budgets. Many Roca taps, for instance, feature built-in flow restrictors to reduce water wastage without compromising on performance. Resistance when a tap is turned on, as demonstrated by Roca’s ‘Eco-Click’, is felt by the end user at 50% of full capacity, discouraging the often automatic reaction to let unnecessarily large amounts of water flow.

When it comes to WCs, dual-flush cisterns are an effective way of reducing water wastage. Lower water volumes do not necessarily mean diminished performance, however. Roca’s The Gap, CleanRim is the lowest dual flush WC in our range at 4/2l, but performs just as well, if not better than a toilet that uses more water. For exceptional water-saving credentials, re-use is the latest sustainable trend; Roca’s W+W filters water from the basin to flush the toilet, saving 25% more water than a dual-flush system.

Apart from being ‘green’, as more of the country moves to metred water, choosing these products may also save end users money – something that merchants should also be mindful of when it comes to promotion. The savings don’t end with water and money either. Less water flow means less energy is used, a fact that is further enhanced by innovations such as cold-start taps, which prevent the hot water system from being activated automatically, thereby saving even more energy.

WRAP’s survey concluded that water efficiency has the potential to impact purchase choices, so making sure your staff and displays clearly explain the benefits of products which fit this bill is key – it’s good for the environment and good for your business!

Georgina Spencer is marketing manager for Roca.

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