Don't be a self confessed lifestyle abuser

Published:  24 June, 2013

The "Corporate Athlete" and being "Younger Next Year" were the main focus points discussed in Dr Dorian Dugmore, CEO of Wellness International's presentation at this year's BMF All-Industry Conference.

An expert in cardiovascular and exercise medicine, Dr Dugmore shocked delegates with poignant and hard hitting facts about health and lifestyle in the corporate world and explained how looking after yourself is vital if you want to "last the distance" in life.

He referred to the Illness-Wellness Continuum which is used to describe the level of wellness or illness of a person. The continuum ranges from an optimal wellness condition, with available energy at its maximum, to death which represents total energy deletion.

Dr Dugmore explained how 90% of people who are climbing the corporate ladder are 'out of shape' and while they may focus on their business, they may not necessarily focus on themselves.

Looking after your 'key health numbers' (cholesterol level, blood pressure and blood sugars) will also make a difference and help you to protect your cardiovascular health, said Dr Dugmore.

Educating and promoting the message of wellbeing to people so they can optimise their wellness is where the corporate world is moving, he added.

For those who are under stress there are simple techniques you can use on a daily basis to make your life easier, Dr Dugmore added, warning that stress can be a major factor in heart-related illnesses.

Using Norman Cousin's book, 'Anatomy of an illness', and other studies as examples, Dr Dugmore spoke about 'happiness medicine' and how the human mind is capable of promoting the body's potential for healing itself.

Examples of happiness medicine include:

  • Beginning your day by thinking of three things you are grateful for. Take the time to write it down.
  • Take regular and moderate exercise. Just 20 minutes each day can make a difference.
  • Meditation or take five minutes to relax.
  • Practice three random acts of kindness.

Looking after your health isn’t just about you, Dr Dugmore explained, it can significantly have an impact on your family. He said: “Stress within the family unit can bring the family to a stand still or result in the break up of an otherwise stable household. A circle of close friends and strong family ties can boost a person's health,” he said.

Dr Dugmore told the BMF audience that by practicing the above examples for 21 days, your body chemistry will start to change and improve your overall health. He concluded: "Getting the balance right between work and life is vital. The profit and loss of your business should be linked with the health of you and your people."

To read more from the BMF All-Industry Conference, look out for the full report in the July/August issue of BMN.

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