Five reasons to choose a resin surface over any other driveway surface

on 31 October, 2017

Thirty years ago, the decision to have a block paved drive was one of the most popular home-improvement choices made by homeowners. The main benefits was that it was natural and it helped to add value to the home. Concrete and tarmac drives came in close second because they were practical and long lasting, however, they lacked style and elegance.

Today, homeowners still base their decision on core factors such as durability and what their driveway will look like, but in the current economic climate, homeowners are shopping smarter and looking for a driveway that provides the best value for their money. A resin bound or bonded driveway is now becoming a popular choice for many homeowners and here’s why:

Prevent weed growth

A concrete drive can have several expansion joints where weeds can soon take advantage. Whereas a resin drive is relatively low maintenance and if installed correctly, it will withstand even the strongest of unwanted weeds.

They can be installed by a competent DIY-er

If you choose a resin bonded driveway you will have to brush the resin layer onto a base and then distribute the stone evenly onto the resin. For a resin bound driveway, you can mix the resin with stone and trowel but this can be quite laborious. Many people choose to use a forced action mixer which takes a large proportion of the manual labour out of the job and provides a much more consistent mix.

Durability is higher

Concrete driveways only last so long, due to problems with performance, up-keep and ultimately can be a cause for safety especially where children and elderly people are concerned. With a resin drive it is resistant to thermal movement and unaffected by freeze thaw or salts.

You don’t have to worry about water drainage

A resin bound surface is water permeable meaning that all water will soak away. This reduces the risk of flooding and can also mean that you will not have water on your driveway for days on end.

Visually appealing

A resin driveway can be visually more appealing than a concrete drive. With multiple variations you can now really customise your driveway making sure it compliments your house.

Robbie Miller is involved with the marketing and outreach for Resin Drives Trade.

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