Three reasons why your brand needs to be on Facebook

on 22 October, 2017

Facebook has on average 2.06 billion monthly active users and 1.15 billion daily active users. More than 50 million businesses use Facebook, with three million of these using Facebook adverts to market their businesses.

Asides from these staggering statistics, why does your brand need to be on Facebook? First of all, creating a Facebook business page doesn’t cost you anything. It’s free. On top of that, in this blog I’m going to give you three more reasons why your brand needs to be on Facebook.

Facebook is the number one social network

In terms of monthly active users, Facebook is the leading social network, so if you had to choose between Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, then it makes sense to choose Facebook because it’s the most popular network out of all of them.

Facebook adverts

Facebook adverts, when compared against traditional TV, newspaper, radio or billboard advertising, offer incredible value for money. Another bonus is that you can laser target the audience who see your advert. If you have a merchant branch or a showroom, then you can make sure that your advert is only seen by married couples in their 30’s who have just purchased their first home within a five mile radius of your business (if that is your target market, for example). It would make sure that it isn’t shown to someone living in a different country, which would be of no use to you.

Free advertising

Initially, you may have to spend a small amount to get your ‘Facebook page’ out there so that people start to like it, but once someone has liked your page, whenever you post (providing you post at strategic times) it will show up in their feed for free. Whenever you upload a photo, video, or share some useful information, your business is in front of your potential customers’ eyes on a regular basis. This is a big reason why Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites for marketers.


Every merchant or bathroom showroom out there needs to have an internet presence of some sort. I find that the ideal mix is a website, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. You can always push things further by having Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Richard Costello is the owner of MultiPlumb and has been involved in the plumbing industry for over 15 years.

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