Builders Qwik Qwote – a new service offering

Published:  18 September, 2017

Builders Qwik Qwote has been over a year in the making, evolving from a number of conversations with builders’ merchants and builders.

This service enables businesses to capture every builder or construction project quote as they require goods and materials. It is geographically constructed so that any merchant or suppliers’ location can determine how far from their sites they can deliver.

In essence, a merchant or supplier will have exposure to a builder or construction project business within selected areas, the ability and reason to speak with new and potential customers, and dependent on what the customer may want and need, the opportunity to deliver significantly more business.

The service is very simple to use. Users simply log on to determine the radius around their location to satisfy quote requests. They can then communicate with potential clients. As and when a quote is accepted, details are transferred as part of the process for £1 per accepted quote.

In effect, users can capture and develop their client base by branch and with an insignificant investment.

The data is post code sensitive, which means that if a builder has an account, any merchant or supplier will be able to note it by the post code and select any predetermined rating structure for their quotes. They can then obtain the contact details and develop the relationship the customer would expect.

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