Four things you didnít know about Garadorís new garage door opener!

Published:  05 December, 2016

UK based garage door manufacturer, Garador, have introduced a new 4 button hand transmitter and whilst not everyone uses an operator with their garage door, for those that do, it can make life easier and more convenient, which undoubtedly adds value to the property.

So here are four things you might not be aware of with their new garage door opener.

  1. Itís got 4 buttons Ė doesnít sound like a big deal, but when you consider that each button can open a different garage door, or control a function on the operator box such as the internal light, it suddenly becomes more useful.
  2. Itís got a compact design Ė A lot of the hand transmitters currently available on the market are quite bulky and donít necessarily fit easily in your pocket. This one has a keyring eyelet and is only 28x70x14mm (WxHxD), so itís going to fit in your pocket and then some.
  3. It uses the latest security featuresĖ Not every electric operator currently available on the UK market and their corresponding hand transmitters use high frequency radio signals, meaning it is easier to copy their signals. The new Garador 4 button hand transmitter does; using high frequency (868MHz) encrypted radio signals to communicate between hand transmitter and operator. This makes it so no one can easily copy your signal and access your garage.
  4. Itís not an upgrade, its standard Ė the 4 button hand transmitter is available as standard on all the GaraMatic operators, so you donít have to fork out extra for it.

To find out more about Garadorís new 4 button handset or any of the other accessories, please visit

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