Salamander's strengthened outlet with the new ‘spider web’ design.

New pump design caught in a spider’s web

Published:  30 April, 2015

Salamander Pump’s strong focus on product development is not only spawning an ambitious new product programme but also allows the expanding R&D team to look at improvements to the existing product portfolio.

Following the complete redesign of its bestselling CT range, Salamander’s design engineers have turned their attention to improving its centrifugal range of shower and whole house pumps. The latest improvements apply to the Right Pump ranges RSP, RHP and RGP and the premium ESP CPV range, all of which, cover a wide number of solutions for positive or negative head installations, as well as options for shower pumps or whole house pumps, supporting either single or multiple outlets.

Centrifugal action within the pump basically pushes incoming water radially outwards from the centre of a rotating impellor to deflect the water onto fixed blades. Water pressure increases at each stage before reaching the outlet. This water pressure increase relies on failsafe compression between the inlet and outlet components, which are bolted together. Previously, in extreme conditions, the effect of increased water temperature in the chamber, coupled with increased pressure, could cause the plastic (Acetyl co-polymer) to flex. Caused by the pump running in a closed head position, or at temperatures greater than 65 degrees, this movement of micro millimetres could cause the O-ring to displace and initiate a leak.

When Salamander introduced its original centrifugal pump over 20 years ago, the unit was very much ‘of its time’, in terms of the engineering tools that were available. Now, as a result of long-term investment, Salamander’s engineers are using 3D CAD and Finite Element Analysis software to simulate the effect of temperature and pressure on different design structures to optimise resistance to ‘flexing’ under the harshest conditions.

The innovative design solution resembles a spider’s web that has great tensile strength and elasticity. A microstructure of radials and spirals have been applied by Salamander for the first time in shower pump design to maximise rigidity but also retain the moulding properties of plastic.

While this change has only been in place for the last five months, Salamander has recorded a major success with the modified ‘spider web’ design. The simulation and testing showed a 70% performance improvement.

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