on 25 October, 2016

Coming to the end of the final school term can be incredibly daunting for students, especially if they’re not sure what career path to follow. Nowadays, most schools pressure our youth to get excellent grades rather than prepare them for what happens after graduation.

on 24 October, 2016

With the dark nights on the horizon and the colder nights drawing in, more people will be spending more time indoors than out.

on 21 October, 2016

The building trade has evolved considerably over the last decade. New industry innovations, trends and standards have meant that merchants need to continually update and adapt their technical knowledge to keep abreast of the latest developments.

on 11 October, 2016

In recent years, the environment has become a hot topic for everyone, as we begin to realise the impact of past actions upon our planet. It’s clear that many of these actions have been, and continue to be, wasteful and damaging to the environment, and the realisation that it cannot continue is beginning to sink in. Julian Betts, head of customer services for Evander Glazing & Locks explains.

on 22 September, 2016

Once, you couldn’t move in business without a corporate brochure or product catalogue. Since the rise of the Internet, there’s been a shift towards online marketing. After all, if you can send information at the click of a mouse, or quickly update details whenever you need to, why pay for printing or posting?

on 13 September, 2016

With the start of autumn just around the corner, homeowners will be starting to create a list of home improvements they need to implement before the unforgiving season of winter emerges.

on 09 September, 2016

With imported building products becoming more expensive in the aftermath of Brexit, it’s no wonder that some experts have predicted a rise in construction costs by up to 12%. But as imports are becoming less competitive, could some British manufacturers profit from it?

on 09 September, 2016

Awareness campaigns fill the calendar year, however, very few merchants are capitalising on these opportunities to increase margins. Backing awareness initiatives is an effective way to generate awareness of a particular issue and place merchants in a prime position to engage with their customers, as well as benefiting from increased sales opportunities.

on 31 August, 2016

The building trade has changed a lot in the last 100 years. Therefore, builders’ merchants have also needed to change in order to stay in business.

on 31 August, 2016

In this blog, I am going to look at how mechanical stitching systems provide a cost effective and permanent method of repairing cracked masonry walls, avoiding the expense of a complete rebuild.

on 23 August, 2016

A multipoint locking system is a high security lock that bolts the door into the frame, offering a high level of security. It locks at a minimum of three points and is predominantly found on PVCu and composite doors, making up a staggering 80%* of the lock market.

on 17 August, 2016

In previous blogs, I’ve looked at how builders’ merchants, suppliers and customers can get cleverer with marketing by harnessing the power of PR, social media and email.

on 15 August, 2016

In January this year, Arbor Forest Products published a list of predictions for the timber industry in 2016. Here is a look back at the predictions that we made, and offer an update on how the industry – as we see it – is progressing.

on 03 August, 2016

During the summer months, homeowners increasingly invest in new and expensive gardening furniture and tools, which is traditionally stored in sheds or other outbuildings when not in use.

on 02 August, 2016

As time goes by, the art of do-it-yourself when it comes to activities around the home and garden is fast becoming more and more of a lost art.

on 29 July, 2016

Taking the cheapest route with any product or service is more often than not an example of false economy. Most people know that generally, the cheaper the product, the more likely it is you will have to fix or replace it sooner. When it comes to door hardware, you don’t have to make the false economy of choosing lower quality hardware to help reduce costs.

on 27 July, 2016

There is a growing call for the UK construction trade to operate more sustainably. Easier in some industries than others, one of the trickiest sectors is the construction industry. From harvesting raw materials, transport, manufacturing, to the actual construction of buildings, construction has a significant impact on the environment.

on 26 July, 2016

Whether you want to keep a regular visitor up-to-date about your latest offers and services, or bring an occasional buyer back through your doors, email marketing is a low-cost and highly effective way of speaking regularly to customers.

on 14 July, 2016

Product demonstrations and samples are a fantastic way to grab your customer’s attention and encourage hands-on interaction with the products being discussed. In fact, research has revealed that over a third of customers have bought a product after sampling it first during a product demonstration.*

on 14 July, 2016

June’s flash flooding in London, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Scotland, and cities across Northern Europe from Paris to Prague came as a shock. In the South of England polling stations were flooded, disrupting voting in the EU referendum.

on 11 July, 2016

We’ve officially entered the summer months and as consumer attention turns to the great outdoors, merchants need to capitalise on this opportunity and advise customers to stock up on seasonal security solutions.

on 01 July, 2016

There are many challenges for a small business owner to overcome when trying to grow their company. They may think that they won’t be able to make it on their own and may have cold feet about business opportunities and running efficient operations.

on 28 June, 2016

Marketing has changed beyond recognition during the past decade or so. The difference? Social media. Since Facebook exploded in the mid-2000s, the ability to speak directly to customers – rather than indirectly, through advertising or PR – has revolutionised how we do business.

on 21 June, 2016

Now the warmer weather is finally here, homeowners are starting to consider the jobs they have been neglecting during the winter months. This includes updating the look and feel of their home.

on 15 June, 2016

ACO, a UK manufacturer of surface water management solutions, has broadly welcomed a Parliamentary report stating that more needs to be done to protect UK communities at risk from floods – and called for all interested parties to work together to deliver holistic solutions.

on 08 June, 2016

Trigger emails and remarketing have two things in common: they work by cajoling your potential customer into action and they're an extremely cost effective addition to your b2b marketing toolkit.

on 08 June, 2016

As the Brexit debate hots up, the construction industry is nailing its colours firmly to the mast – with both the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) stating that overseas workers are vital to the UK’s long-term economic wellbeing.

on 27 May, 2016

In this blog post I am going to discuss the role of effective communication in the construction industry, and take a deeper look at two-way radios along the way.

on 17 May, 2016

In today’s information age, creating the right content is key to successful marketing – but, honestly, it’s not new, it’s always been this way. While social media and website blogs have brought the emphasis onto honing brand messages that will engage with your customers, that’s exactly what public relations (PR) has been doing for decades.

on 17 May, 2016

Summer is the time of year when consumers turn their attention to home security. This is because thousands of homeowners spend more time outside or going on holiday, leaving their homes empty, unsecured and unprotected. Therefore, it’s not surprising that burglars also ramp up activity during the lighter evenings with a 10% increase in domestic burglaries and a 40% increase in outdoor thefts.

on 13 May, 2016

Phew! The government and Environment Agency must be relieved. Water and wild weather have dropped out of UK headlines.

on 11 May, 2016

As we are constantly being reminded, technology is an ever-growing force in today’s society. Everything from the way we interact with peers to how we do business has been affected by the digital revolution and this is as true for builders’ merchants as it is for anyone.

on 04 May, 2016

When I was a fresh young copywriter at my very first advertising agency, I was given two pieces of invaluable advice. One was ‘never get to the bar first’, the other was ‘don’t tell me if you can show me’.

on 28 April, 2016

It’s a fad which is only going to grow and grow – outdoor tiling with full-bodied porcelain or impervious natural stone to create a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living.

on 26 April, 2016

As we move into the warmer months, it’s not surprising that security becomes a key focus for trade professionals, as statistics show that burglars ramp up activity during the spring and summer months, experiencing a 10% increase in domestic burglaries*.

on 26 April, 2016

Over the past few months, I have looked at getting your website right as the base for a sound marketing campaign.

on 22 April, 2016

According to statistics more than one in three homeowners (35%) spend over £2,000 a year on home improvements, making it a key area for merchants to consider.

on 18 April, 2016

Introducing a new product can increase both sales and overall customer satisfaction, but how do you ensure your clients are as excited about a launch as you are, and what’s the secret to turning a new offering into profitable business?

on 05 April, 2016

When it comes to keeping your warehouse running smoothly and efficiently there are two key things to consider - worker safety and the maintenance of your forklift trucks. On average, 1,500 forklift related accidents occur every year in the UK alone, usually due to poor training or malfunctions brought about by poor maintenance.

on 01 April, 2016

In my previous blog post I looked at why builders’ merchants need to start taking returns more seriously and turn them into a new business opportunity. In the concluding part of the series I’m going to look at how this can be achieved.

on 30 March, 2016

It will come as no surprise that well thought out merchandising methods can be utilised alongside other marketing techniques to influence sales, but how can builders’ merchants maximise potential?

on 23 March, 2016

The better your website is, the easier it will be for people to find you. Of course, for most builders’ merchants, you’ll likely to only be targeting audiences within a specific geographical area.

on 15 March, 2016

Add-on sales can account for a considerable amount of additional revenue and home security solutions offer huge potential for making branches more profitable. The products that work best are usually quick to buy, easy to sell and most importantly, have high profit margins.

on 08 March, 2016

In the first of a two-part series, Mark Thornton, marketing director at Maginus, looks at why builders’ merchants need to start taking returns more seriously.

Builders’ merchants and construction suppliers don’t tend to view returns as an opportunity. An inconvenience, an additional cost, something to be avoided – sure. But, as we know, the rise and growth of ecommerce has changed the retail playing field – and now the wholesale playing field too.

on 07 March, 2016

Attending a trade show can be an excellent way to showcase and market your product. But, the shows can also be expensive so it is vitally important that you select the correct one that the business will benefit and ultimately get the best return from.

on 01 March, 2016

In 2014, we invested £1m in a new production mill at our headquarters in North Kent. The decision to commit so large a sum wasn’t easy, particularly on the back of a difficult recession.

on 01 March, 2016

The home improvement market is set to grow during 2016, reflecting the current nationwide trend of ‘Don’t move, improve’, as a result of rising house prices.

on 23 February, 2016

January is always a busy time for timber merchants, and at Arbor Forest Products we have been run off our feet helping customers get ready for a successful year in 2016.

on 19 February, 2016

Last month, I discussed the importance of building a marketing strategy in order to raise awareness of your business and drive footfall to your branch. Great, you’re ready to go… but choosing where to begin is itself a tricky decision.

on 18 February, 2016

We expect roads to suffer normal wear and tear, but a combination of more frequent violent storms and intense rainfall caused by climate change, as well as ineffective temporary patching rather than proper fixing makes things worse.

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