The introduction of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the impending move from the Construction Products Directive (CPD) to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) from 1 July are both having an effect on the OSB market and, ultimately, the merchant, writes George Watson of SmartPly.

Cloud computing and making the most of facilitators to move business forward are the topics tackled in this final part of the Builders’ Merchants News/Epicor Round Table.

In the second report from the Builders’ Merchants News/Epicor debate, the panel weigh up the benefits of IT and whether GLNs are the right way forward for the merchant industry.

Recruitment has arguably been one of the hardest hit sectors by recession with employers putting the brakes on and prospective candidates too concerned with job security to risk changing company. Is 2013 a new dawn for recruitment? Lynn Sencicle talks to four leading recruitment agencies in the construction sector.

In this Builders’ Merchants News report, sponsored by Epicor, our panel discuss how the industry can evolve its business efficiencies through the use of IT and how it can subsequently improve productivity throughout the supply chain.

What’s in store for the merchant sector? Which areas will be buoyant and which will not? Here, some of the key players reveal where they see opportunities and challenges for our industry as we enter the New Year with a mix of positivity and trepidation. Lisa Arcangeli reports.

This month, our panel discusses the business of holding firm when it comes to prices and deliberates on where independents fit into the complex construction landscape for Part 2 of the Builders’ Merchants News/H+H Round Table Debate.

No matter where you are, cries of ‘the stupid computer doesn’t work properly’ are increasingly common in this day and age. Lynn Sencicle reports.

Kevin Appleton: the Green Deal offers a beacon of light.

Challenging markets pose unique problems. Kevin Appleton, the new chairman of Travis Perkins, expects the market to remain tough for at least another 18 months. Lisa Arcangeli reports.

Clockwise from centre: Lisa Arcangeli, Simon Clark, Andy Williams, John Churchett, Alan Boyd, Nick Walley, Tom Parker and Bob Butler.

Merchants face a constant battle not to give their profit away. They are caught between a competitive marketplace and a precarious economic climate. Builders’ Merchants News and H+H invited some of the industry’s outspoken business leaders to air their views about how merchants should aim to banish the fear factor and adopt a bolder, more proactive approach.

John Newcomb (left) with BMF director, Stewart Pierce, of Parker Building Supplies.

John Newcomb, the BMF’s new managing director, is passionate about the role that trade federations play in their markets. In this exclusive Q&A for Builders’ Merchants News, he explains his vision for the Federation and how that will help all merchants’ businesses.

Conference host Roger Black MBE, NMBS managing director Chris Hayward and financial editor Anthony Hilton.

NMBS pulled out the stops to launch the first merchant industry conference in three years. It brought together over 250 merchants and suppliers eager to network on a grand scale. Lisa Arcangeli and Lynn Sencicle report from Marbella in Spain.

Rebecca Mason and Andrew Pine.

The Institute of Builders’ Merchants is setting out its activities for the rest of the year. Rebecca Mason, the organisation’s past-president, interviews current president Andrew Pine about educating merchants of the future.

In the third and final part of the Builders’ Merchants News Round Table Debate, sponsored by Acheson & Glover, leading independent merchants examine changes to the sector’s business models, the real role of the internet and how to build and maintain proactive and effective supplier partnerships.

Robert Boslem, senior credit controller at Beatsons Building Supplies, explains why the DPG within credit application forms is so important to your business.

What do employers need to know when sourcing candidates? Could jobseekers be better prepared? How can a recruitment agency smooth the process? Lisa Arcangeli talks to the top companies in the field and discovers a diverse and surprisingly buoyant market.

In part two of the Builders’ Merchants News Round Table Debate, sponsored by Acheson & Glover, leading independent merchants discuss the industry’s problems and how to move the sector’s business forward with greater confidence and better sales.

BCG Merchant is offering its quickest delivery yet to independent merchants. Jonathan Eyre, sales director at BCG explains how a quicker service means better business.

Winning share in a shrinking market is difficult, but there is a way to get ahead of the pack. At the Builders’ Merchants News Round Table Debate, sponsored by Acheson & Glover, some leading independent merchants discussed the industry’s problems and how to move business forward with greater confidence.

Independents voice their opinions about the Green Deal and look at the different options which are currently available in part one of this Builders’ Merchants News/F&P Wholesale debate.

An Ironmongery Direct warehouse.

A merchant is a merchant whether it trades on the high street or on the internet. With an 80% trade customer base, IronmongeryDirect classes itself as a merchant. Here, managing director Wayne Lysaght-Mason talks to Lynn Sencicle about the company’s expansion and growth.

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