Graham offers customers the new thermodynamic panel

Published:  08 June, 2012

COVENTRY: Graham is the only national plumbers' merchant with exclusive rights to the new and innovative Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy Panels, which can generate 100% of hot water and heating requirements all year round.

An ideal solution for households in the UK, unlike solar panel systems, thermodymanic panels do not rely on the sun but instead absorb heat energy from the atmosphere meaning they continue working even at night.

The system uses reverse refrigeration technology. A refrigerant fluid fills and circulates the panels absorbing heat energy from the atmosphere. This increase in temperature changes the fluid into a gas, which passes through a compressor and the temperature increases. Hot gas then flows through a heat exchanger, which transfers the heat into the water to be used for sanitary hot water or space heating. Finally, the gas passes through an expansion valve, reverts back to a liquid and flows back to the panels to repeat the process.

Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy Panels offer a multitude of advantages. Compared with solar panel systems, the system can continue working at night, even down to temperatures as far as -15°C. Panels can be mounted anywhere and although lightweight for ease of installation, the panels are robust with anti-corrosive properties.

"Installers who are keen to introduce customers to eco-friendly solutions would be well advised to look at Thermodynamic Atmospheric Energy Panels," explained Wayne Smart, Category Director Heating & Renewables at Graham. "Put simply, they are a practical and sustainable solution, allowing customers to generate 100% of their hot water and heating requirements, 24/7 and 365 days a year. The system has major advantages for anyone who might be dubious about solar systems given the need for a south facing roof and enough energy from the sun. This offers a viable alternative."

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