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Merchant slashes crime with CCTV coverage

Published:  09 June, 2009

YORKSHIRE: James Burrell, the independent northern builders' merchant, has reduced theft at its Ossett site 80% since going live ...

with a remotely monitored, detector activated, CCTV service.

The system, provided by RemGuard Visual Management – part of the AD Group – is fuelling a growing demand for event-driven CCTV among UK builders' merchants. Their large, often secluded, sites with valuable stock readily visible in external yard areas make them particularly attractive targets for criminal gangs and opportunists.

Richard Day from James Burrell,who manages the Ossett site, said: "The reality is that builders' merchants carry an extensive and valuable range of products stored on large premises open to everyone.

"Traditionally, merchants have been a prime target for thieves because of the volume of materials. However, as a result of more up-to-date systems and stock management procedures, criminals have now focused their efforts, away from daylight hours, to the night-time and weekends when merchants are closed."

Addressing the problem

When the Ossett branch of James Burrell was set up in 2007 it experienced major issues, in the first six months, with criminal incidents such as theft, primarily occurring at night or on Sunday mornings.

"The site we took over at Ossett is on an industrial estate, which is pretty typical of today's builders' merchants. This means that after working hours the whole area effectively becomes a ghost town, so no one is around to deter criminal activity."

"As a result of growing security concerns it was decided to opt for remotely monitored, detector-activated CCTV.

"The solution consists of cameras and detectors placed strategically around the site linked by specialised RemVu Aquila transmission equipment to RemGuard's BS 8418 compliant RVRC (Remote Video Response Centre).

"Using the sysem, operators can visually confirm what is happening, call-up on-screen plans of our site – and even issue verbal warnings with on-site speakers to intruders.

Bottom-line benefits

"The most obvious benefit is that there have been no successful criminal attacks out of hours since the CCTV was installed. To put this into perspective our total losses from theft have dropped by 80%.

"Another advantage with the service is that when the detectors are set-off the RVRC operators are able to use the CCTV images to ascertain the seriousness of any incident and decide who needs to be informed, whether it is me, one of my colleagues or the police, rather than issuing a blanket alert to everyone."

RemgGuard's website offers further information on how to deter crime at your site. 

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