Gone, but not forgotten.

Protect data and wipe hard drives

Published:  21 May, 2009

NORTHAMPTON: A service to enable construction businesses to safely sell old computers with zero chance of data theft has been launched. Users will still have access to the deleted data online, as this service takes a copy of all data before permanently wiping the hard disc.

The service from QMP storeNview was developed following the case where the purchase of the procedures for a US military missile air defence system were found on a second-hand hard drive bought on the internet. 

QMP storeNview began its life as a tool for insolvency practitioners. They need the ability to legally dispose of computers with no danger of data being recovered; but also needed to be able to access data in the future. 

The service has now been adapted to be suitable for all businesses. Data deletion is completed to military standard.

QMP storeNview copies all data from old computers, analyses it and stores it securely. It can be viewed online by the customer for up to five years thereafter. The hard disc on the old machine is permanently wiped so can be safely sold, with no chance of sensitive data being recovered.

“This new service for construction businesses means you don’t have to worry about an important piece of data being lost forever in the name of security,” explained the system's creator, Simon Kemp. “All businesses have commercially-sensitive data that must be protected. This service gives them a way to destroy that data permanently before an old computer is sold.

“There is also emergency back-up of data, just in case.

"Employees tend to leave data in places they shouldn’t, such as on the hard disc of their machine, rather than on the server. With this service, it doesn’t matter if you realise an important document was on a machine you had wiped and sold 12 months ago. There will be a copy of the data securely held online for you to access immediately.”

Researchers at BT’s Security Research Centre reported that 34% of the 300 hard discs they bought second-hand contained personal or commercial data.

QMP storeNview is powered by Q Services, a software design and development company, based in Northampton.

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